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Financial crash course - Accelerator

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One-week intensive sessions, concentrating a global but detailed presentation of the Bank-UCI-Wealth Management business model (including the 'Family Office'): stake holders, services, workflows, profit centers, legal framework… combined with in-depth explanations for some of the most critical processes (e.g.: ALM, NAV calculations, securities trading…),  Asset Management concepts and techniques (Beta, volatility, stock picking...), fund management techniques ( pooling, multi-classes..), fiscal issues (TIS,ZG…), legal issues (UCITS4, MIFID, AIFM…).

This training proposal is really unique and is an excellent performance driver, accelerating operational integration and efficiency for numerous players: new entrants, revisors, consultants, IT project and program managers, organisators, account managers, sales forces, HR managers, new graduates, Quality Officers...and all staff  who need to understand the 'global picture'. The programme can  be customised to best meet your business objectives and priorities; e.g. emphasis of commercial issues for account managers, focus on information modelling for solutions designers... An educational accelerator.

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